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Ep.000 - Welcome to Level:

In this episode, you’ll get to meet the team: Kan, Davie, Noel and Vivian. We delve into the origin story of how this podcast came about and what this new community all means to us.

Ep.001 - Phillip Liao - 2018 Commonwealth Games

In this episode, Vivian, Kan and Davie chat with Phillip Liao, 2018 Australia Commonwealth Games Representative in Olympic Weightlifting.

Ep.032 - SOLO EPISODE – Marriage Traditions, Family Life, Parenting Styles &

In this solo episode, we’re unpacking our own perspectives and experiences around relationships, marriage and starting our own families.

Ep.041 - Generational Money Mentality, Asian Parent Tax & Bad Money

In this episode, we're talking about our relationships with money! We discuss our different upbringings and how it’s affected our perspectives on money.

Ep.004 - Elisa Choy on Big Data, Autoimmune Disease and Family

Elisa opens up about her experiences dealing with an autoimmune disease, reconnecting with her mum after a family estrangement and also shares a few amusing clubbing stories from when she was younger.

Ep.005 - Tu Le on Representation, Running for Labor & Third Culture

Tu shares her experience of running for the Labor Party, the importance of representation for younger generations and how she deals with criticism in the public eye.

Ep.033 - Steph of Lucky Dragon Supper Club – LUNAR NEW YEAR

In this special episode, we’re joined by Steph from @luckydragonsupperclub. Steph’s a kicthen whiz, creating content that shows just how easy it is to put a spectacular food spread for friends & fam.

Ep.034 - Kevin La of SydneyFoodBoy – His Last Meal, HSPs & Creating Great

Kevin talks to us about the inspiration behind ‘SydneyFoodBoy’, how he grew his platforms so quickly and we also dive into Kev’s favourite food spots & future plans for his brand.

Ep.003 - William Wang - From Introvert to Opportunistic 7-Figure Marketing Agency

In this episode, William Wang shares his experience of being the ‘black sheep’ in the family, known as the party-goer in his younger days and failing university multiple times.

Ep.013 - Salena Kulkarni - Growing Genuine Wealth, Achieving Financial Freedom and Money

We’re joined by wealth strategist, best-selling author, chartered accountant and certified property investment adviser, Salena Kulkarni.

Ep.035 - Friska Wirya – Personal Branding for Women & Thriving in a Male-Dominated

In this episode, we hear about Friska’s upbringing with growing up in Perth, how she developed interpersonal & communication skills & her experience as the only Asian female in the mining industry.

Ep.020 - Jessica Wong-Saunderson - Asian Females & The Corporate Ladder, Working Abroad & Sage Career

In this episode, we’re joined by Jessica Wong-Saunderson who has an extensive background in advising on cross-border mergers and acquisitions as a tax lawyer and accountant.

Ep.039 - Michael Wong of Mizko on Designership, Being a Serial Entrepreneur & a Thriving

In this episode, we're joined by Michael Wong, the founder of Mizko Media and The Designershi and he shares with us how he built a large and engaged following on YouTube and social media.

Ep.036 - Alex Solo & Tomoyuki Hachigo, Co-Founders of Sprintlaw on Disrupting the Legal

In this episode, we chat with Alex and Tomo about their unique backgrounds, the formation of Sprintlaw, and their experiences working in the legal industry.

Ep.025 - Jieh-Yung Lo – What Asian-Australians Can Do To Propel Forward (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our episode with Jieh-Yung Lo, we hear his insights into what the future looks like for Asian-Australians

Ep.010 - Steve Hui - Flying Business Class For ‘Free’, Point Hacking and Unconventional Career

Steve Hui – founder iFLYflat, guides us through how SMEs can take advantage of their frequent flyer points for bigger returns, and we also hear some of Steve’s unconventional career advice.

Ep.031 - Rich Tran & Jenny Vo of Ultrafade (XMAS Special) - The Hair Bae of

We sat down in the Ultrafade salon with Rich and Jenny, the powerhouse couple behind the successful hair and beauty salon, that specialises in transforming Asian hair.

Ep.038 - Solo Episode - The Challenges of Moving Out as an Asian aka Leaving the

In this episode, we're talking to each other about the big steps of moving out. You'll hear from our own experiences and thoughts, from the pros and cons to dealing with the idea of aging parents.

Ep.019 - Jen Trinh - 7+ Years Travelling the World & Dealing with the Guilt of Parental

We’re joined by Jen Trinh, an ex-pat living and teaching in Bangkok. Jen grew up in Sydney she has spent the last decade teaching abroad, travelling and connecting with people all around the world.

Ep.040 - Asian Female Discussion: Societal Peer Pressures, Beauty Standards, & Choosing a Career Vs. Settling

We deep dive into the discussions around the challenges of being an eldest daughter, societal and peer pressures, and the ongoing debate around choosing your career vs having kids.

Ep.029 - Emily Ung of The Artistry – 22 & Beauty Salon Entrepreneur + Launching a Business During a

In this episode, we speak to Emily about her passion for beauty, which started when she became a makeup artist at 16 and now, at 22, has opened her own luxury beauty salon in Castle Hill.

Ep.027 - Heaven Leigh – Females & Mixed Race in Hospitality + The End & The Beginning of Bodhi (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our episode with Heaven Leigh, we hear about her struggles with identity growing up as a mixed-race kid, and how Bodhi has allowed her to embrace both her cultures.

Ep.002 - Claudia Li - From Pushing Pens at 10 to a 6-Figure Coaching Business at

Claudia Li shares how she went from working as a personal trainer and yoga instructor to becoming a 6-figure business coaching company in less than a year, all at the mind-blowingly tender age of 23.

Ep.026 - Heaven Leigh of Bodhi - Growing Up Wasian, Mother-Daughter Struggles & Saving The Family Business (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this episode, Heaven sits down with us to share her compelling story around the sacrifices she’s made to support her family, lessons she’s learned and adversities she's faced.

Ep.012 - Cherie Tu of Thriving on Plants - Being an Asian Influencer, Dropping University & Publishing Two Recipe

We’re joined by Cherie Tu, aka. Thrivingonplants, who takes us back to the beginning of her journey and how she turned her photography and blogging hobby into a successful career.

Ep.023 - Solo Episode – Asian Parent-Child Relationships, Expectations, Breaking Generational Trauma Cycles & Lessons Learnt As Migrant

Welcome to our new Solo Series, where we sit down with each other to discuss more personal topics around our Asian upbringing, parental relationships and identity.

Ep.024 - Jieh-Yung Lo – Director of the Centre for Asian Australian Leadership at ANU & Personal Backstory (Part 1)

In this episode, we sit down with Jieh-Yung Lo, the founding Director of the Centre for Asian-Australian Leadership at the Australian National University.

Ep.028 - Alan La of Invincible HQ – Martial Arts As A Mindset, Overcoming School Bullying and Pushing Through

In this episode, Alan takes us through his experiences of growing up as a shy kid and getting bullied throughout school and how these adversities motivated Alan to start his martial arts journey.

Ep.008 - Liz Miu - Being a Career Influencer, Parental Expectations of Studying Medicine, Uncovering Her Asian Roots (Part 1)

In this episode, we’re joined by influencer, blogger & YouTuber, Liz Miu. We dive into what it's like being a career influencer, Asian representation in the space and Liz's love for food and travel.

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