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NC Qin - Earning a Living as an Asian Australian Artist & Mastering Glass Art

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We’re joined by Nancy Yu, aka. NC Qin, a Sydney-based cast glass artist and sculptor.  Nancy creates glass weaponry exploring concepts of history, heritage and psychology. She has a long list of accolades that include winning the National Emerging Art Glass Prize in 2020 and The Vicki Torr Prize in 2021 and being featured in museums and art galleries worldwide. 

In this episode, we hear about Nancy’s journey in becoming an artist, as it was not an easy feat, especially in an Asian household. She recounts the years of convincing her parents to allow her to pursue the artist pathway and takes us through the different skills she’s had to learn along the way. 

We also delve into the inspirations behind Nancy’s incredible work, and she gives us some insight into how artists can make a living. 


00:00 - Intro

01:38 - Wearing “Different Hats” as an Australian-Asian Artist

04:02 - Do Artists Have a Team Behind Them?

05:54 - Carlingford Art Workshops & Art As an “Extracurricular”

09:59 - Nancy’s Upbringing

13:41 - The Entrance Exam Into CAFA

22:55 - “Going Back to the Motherland” & Nancy’s Dad’s Girlfriends

24:29 - Convincing Her Parents to Let Her Pursue Art as a Career

30:15 - Getting Into ArtExpress & Glass-Art

34:27 - Diving Deeper into Glass-Art

38:01 - Nancy’s Glass-Art Process

42:41 - The Concept Behind “Smiling Axe”

45:51 - Drawing from Ancient History as an Art Inspiration

55:29 - Getting Noticed by Art Galleries

1:01:11 - Nancy’s Career Breakthrough

1:06:42 - How Does an Artist Make a Living?

1:07:52 - Nancy’s Advice For Chasing the Artist Pathway

1:11:17 - Advantages & Disadvantages of an Australian-Asian Artist

1:14:36 - Nancy’s Future Plans

1:16:16 - Outro

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