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Friska Wirya – Personal Branding for Women & Thriving in a Male-Dominated Industry

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We’re joined by Friska Wirya, a change management thought leader who transforms large organisations to enable them to respond better to the changing environment. 

Friska is the former Head of Change at the largest gold mining company in the Southern Hemisphere, leading digital transformation changes that achieve exponential annual savings. 

In this episode, we hear about Friska’s upbringing with growing up in Perth, how she developed her interpersonal and communication skills and what her experience was like as the only Asian female in the mining industry. 


00:00 - Intro 

01:19 - Friska’s Experience of Speaking At TedX

05:26 - Friska’s Upbringing and Growing Up In Perth 

10:50 - Developing Interpersonal & Communication Skills 

14:11 - Being the Only Asian Female in the Mining Industry & Female Workplace Bullying 

20:36 - Friska on Developing Your Personal Brand

26:32 - Starting & Growing FreshbyFriska – Leveraging Linkedin During The Pandemic and Working With University of Melbourne 

32:58 - The Impact of Personal Brand for Women in the Workforce 

38:29 - Female vs. Male Roles in A Workplace

33:09 - Stakeholder Management & Western vs. Eastern Communication Styles 

53:18 - The Future of Friska’s Career & Personal Goals 

57:50 - Outro

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