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Steve Hui - Flying Business Class For ‘Free’, Point Hacking and Unconventional Career Advice

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In this episode, we’re joined by the ‘Points Whisperer’, Steve Hui – founder and CEO of iFLYflat

Steve guides us through how SMEs can take advantage of their frequent flyer points and credit card rewards for bigger and better returns. We also discuss Steve’s undeniably successful background in the accounting and financial space, and talk all things business, as he walks us through what it means to build trust with people from all walks of life.

We also hear Steve’s biggest words of wisdom and career advice, giving you an all-round glimpse at iFLYflat, business opportunities, and future success.


00:00 Intro 

01:22 What is iFLYflat?

07:56 Steve’s Background and Career Path

21:50 How Frequent Flyer Points Became Mainstream 

25:28 How iFLYflat Started

29:35 Business Class vs Economy Experience 

31:37 Creating The Billion Points Club Courses 

33:56 Who iFLYflat Is Tailored For

37:28 Should You Explore Other Business Avenues? 

42:10 Steve’s Exposure to Mainstream Media 

50:33 Why Building Trust With People Is So Important 

58:32 Steve’s Plans for the Future 

01:05:55 Steve’s Career Advice to Others 

01:09:48 Outro

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