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Rich Tran & Jenny Vo of Ultrafade (XMAS Special) - The Hair Bae of Guildford

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Welcome to this very special episode of The Level: Asian Podcast – Christmas edition!

We sat down in the Ultrafade salon with Rich and Jenny, the powerhouse couple behind the successful hair and beauty salon, that specialises in transforming Asian hair. 

In this episode, we hear about how Rich started in hairdressing before becoming the hair bae of Guilford. Jenny also shares her story of why she’s decided to close her pharmacy career chapter to join Rich at Ultrafade. We also speak about Rich and Jenny’s experience with meeting parental expectations, especially after becoming business partners.


00:00 - Intro

00:05 - Wedding Prep + Messing Up Vows

02:23 - Rich’s Upbringing + the Lessons Learnt from His Family

06:42 - Jenny’s Upbringing + The Relationship with Her Parents

10:47 - Meeting Jenny’s Parents

15:59 - How Rich Got Into Hairdressing

24:08 - Jenny’s Career Journey

29:36 - Achieving Our ‘Parent’s’ Dreams

33:34 - Jenny on Joining the UltraFade Team

36:23 - Starting UltraFade & How it Got It’s Name

41:15 - Future Plans for UltraFade

42:33 - Rich & Jenny’s Advice for the Younger Generation

44:49 - Outro

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