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Steph of Lucky Dragon Supper Club – LUNAR NEW YEAR SPECIAL

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Happy Lunar New Year! 

In this special episode, we’re joined by Steph from @luckydragonsupperclub. Steph’s a whiz in the kitchen, creating content that shows us just how easy it is to put on a spectacular food spread for friends and family. 

We cook up all of our favourite Lunar New Year dishes at Steph’s house and reminisce on our own Lunar New Year experiences. You can check out the video version of this over at our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@levelasianpod

We chat to Steph about her mixed upbringing and how she went from graduating with a music degree to diving into tech. Steph also gives us insight into the future of Lucky Dragon Supper Club and the exciting content that we can expect this year! 

Enjoy the episode!


00:00 - Intro 

02:46 - The Different Cultural Traditions of Lunar New Year

05:28 - Steph’s Cultural Background & Celebrating Lunar New Year

10:04 - Mish on Celebrating Lunar New Year in Korean Culture

11:14 - The Significance of Lunar New Year

12:32 - Carlos’ Lunar New Year Experiences as a Half-Filipino

14:04 - Viv’s Lunar New Year Traditions in Fujian Culture 

16:54 - Noel’s Lunar New Year Experiences as a Burmese-Australian

18:18 - Traditions & History of Lunar New Year Alcohol 

22:02 - Our Lunar New Year Viewer Submissions


30:10 - Kan’s Tang Yuan Dish & Bai Jiu Shots

37:20 - Steph’s Mixed Upbringing

43:41 - Steph’s Music Degree & Career Journey

51:15 - Working in the Tech Space & Getting Laid Off

56:05 - The Beginnings of Lucky Dragon Supper Club

59:43 - The Origin of Steph’s Food Recipes

01:03:07 - How Steph Got Into Cooking

01:09:22 - Growing ‘Lucky Dragon Supper Club’

01:12:44 - Sharing Food with Family, Friends & Cooking as a Life Skill

01:17:32 - Carlos’ Perspective on the ‘Lucky Dragon Supper Club’

01:21:45 - Going Back to China & Childhood Stories

01:29:39 - Steph’s Advice For the Younger Generation & Taking Risks

01:37:04 - Outro

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