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Reinventing Oneself, Life Recalibration & Finding True Joy ft. Vinh Giang

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we’re joined by our amazing guest, Vinh Giang. If you're not familiar with Vinh yet, he's an international speaker, a communications coach, an entrepreneur, and a magician!

Vinh opens up to us about his experience of moving schools five times due to severe bullying, failing year 12, navigating his son's autism, unlearning bad work habits, and prioritising a better life balance. 

He also talks with us about the importance of sharing our parents’ stories, why he chooses to do ‘Life Auditing’, and discusses the beauty of doing things you love with the people you love.


0:00 - Intro

01:00 - Reflecting on ‘A Night with L:A’ Event at The Carter &

04:44 - Vinh on His Son Xander’s Autism

07:06 - Vinh Giang’s Origin Story, Moving Schools 5x, Failing Year 12 & Re-inventing Himself

16:20 - Vinh’s Biggest Regret

19:39 - Vinh’s Relationship with His Parents, Reflecting on the Value of Having a Great Support Network (Wives, Partners, etc)

27:35 - (Heavy topic: Miscarriage), Opportunities in America, Making Changes to be a Better Husband, Navigating Around the Desire for ‘More’, Establishing Boundaries

37:28 - Vinh’s Experience Working in America, Learning to Be ‘Multi-Dimensional’, Unlearning Bad Habits & Recalibrating

56:15 - How Vinh Came Up with ‘Life Auditing’, Finding ‘Your Voice’ & Kan and Davie’s Bromance

01:09:19 - Doing Things You Love, With the People You Love

01:11:30 - Vinh’s Future Goals, Changing the Narrative of Raising Children, Home VCR Movies, Extracting Stories from Parents, The Power of Contribution,

01:26:30 - How Vinh Stayed on the Right Path

01:36:20 - Outro

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