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Asian Female Discussion: Societal Peer Pressures, Beauty Standards, & Choosing a Career Vs. Settling Down

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Today, we’ve got a special episode where we discuss topics from our own experiences as Asian women! 

We deep dive into the discussions around the challenges of being an eldest daughter, societal and peer pressures when it comes to beauty standards and the ongoing debate around choosing your career versus having kids – and whether or not you should tell your boss about this decision.

Kan, Davie and Noel – who are each business owners, also weigh in from their perspectives.


0:00 - Intro

0:52 - The Eldest Daughter's Struggles & Responsibilities

11:14 - Settling Down & Having Kids: Is it by Choice or Pressure? 

20:00 - Balancing Career & Motherhood  

33:37 - How to tell your Boss that You Plan to Start a Family

47:53 - Asian-Australian Beauty Standards

1:00:49 - Dealing With Societal Peer Pressure on as An Asian-Australian Women

1:06:48 - Outro

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