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Jen Trinh - 7+ Years Travelling the World & Dealing with the Guilt of Parental Expectations

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We’re joined by Jen Trinh, an ex-pat living and teaching in Bangkok. Jen grew up in South West Sydney she has spent the last decade teaching abroad, travelling and making connections with people from all over the world. 

In this episode, we talk to Jen about the concept of being a ‘Third Culture Kid’ and why she feels more aligned with her identity in Asia. We also unpack the parental expectations she’s grown up with, especially with being the eldest Asian daughter, the example she wants to set for her siblings and how Jen was able to break away from societal norms to focus on herself.


00:00 - Intro

02:38 - Jen’s Upbringing

06:25 - The Moment Jen Knew She Wanted to be Teacher

07:25 - Getting into Community Work

10:22 - How Jen Started Her Travels

14:19 - Living the ‘YOLO’ Life

19:21 - Settling Down in Bangkok & Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock

26:51 - The Third Culture Kid

32:14 - Floating Between Countries & Pursuing “You”

43:13 -  Jen on Sharing Travel Experiences Through her Teachings

47:02 - Encouraging Students to Break Through Society’s Expectations

56:17 - Affording to Travel & Supporting Your Parents Financially

1:06:44 - Breaking Away from Cycles & Expectations

1:14:16 - Jen’s Advice for Young Asian Girls

1:17:02 - Jen’s Plans for The Future

1:18:53 - Outro




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