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Salena Kulkarni - Growing Genuine Wealth, Achieving Financial Freedom and Money Philosophy

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We’re joined by wealth strategist, best-selling author, chartered accountant and certified property investment adviser, Salena Kulkarni

In this episode, Salena shares her journey in taking the ‘non-traditional Asian path’, her personal relationship she has with wealth and the time her parents tried to set her up in an arranged marriage halfway across the world.

Over the last 12 years, Salena has run a high-end boutique wealth building service called Inkosi Wealth, where she’s helped hundreds of investors build wealth using off-market opportunities backed by real property, she calls “alternative investments” - investments that outperform the market and offer measurable return on investments.

Salena also hosts her own podcast called The Alternative Investing Podcast, sharing tactics, strategies and ideas to help people reach financial freedom in a fast and safe way.


00:00 - Intro

01:40 - Salena’s Relationship with Money

05:48 - The Different Perspectives Between Different Generations of Asians

09:25 - Salena’s Education Journey

11:10 - How Salena Got Involved with Wealth Building

12:50 - First Investment & Helping Out Parents Financially

14:33 - Amplifying Your Wealth

17:28 - Defining ‘Financial Freedom’ & Asian Money Mentality

24:17 - How Salena Helps Helps People with Inkosi Wealth

28:20 - Advice for the Younger Generation Who Are Interested in Wealth-Building

31:23 - Understanding Your Financial Options

37:48 - Is Asian Frugalness Considered Good Stewardship?

44:08 - Taking the Non-Traditional Path as an Asian

52:27 - Learning the Investing ‘Fundamentals’

01:00:02 - Salena’s Final Pearls of Wisdom

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