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William Wang - From Introvert to Opportunistic 7-Figure Marketing Agency Owner

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In this episode, William Wang shares his experience of being the ‘black sheep’ in the family, known as the party-goer in his younger days and failing university multiple times. 

Will is now the founder and CEO of Growth Labz, a 7-figure marketing agency, helping multiple B2B SaaS, Tech and FinTech companies grow exponentially. 

It wasn’t an easy journey for Will though. He opens up about the early stages of the business, going close to broke - struggling to pay the mortgage, bills and experiencing a lack of support from his networks.

Will also shares with us the valuable lessons he learned along the way, naming a few of the mentors that helped to propel his business forward and also gives us insight into why he chooses to homeschool his kids.


00:00 Hook

00:23 - Intro

01:16 - Will’s Upbringing 

03:28 -  How Will started Growth Labz 

09:28 - Going from a Stable Corporate Job to Starting His Own Business 

16:20 - Will’s Friends and Family’s Reaction to this Change

22:58 - Dealing with Phone Call Phobia

25:58 - Why Will Prioritises Family Values

27:14 - What Will Learnt About Parenting From His Own Upbringing

28:37 - Will’s Plan to Homeschool His Kids

34:35  - Will’s Advice On How to Pivot From the ‘Traditional’ Career Path 

40:14 - Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

43:31 - Finding the Drive to Become a Business Owner

48:23 - Mentors Who Helped Will Propel His Business 

56:06 - Fetishising Learning But Never Executing

01:03:00 - Will’s Advice to His Younger Self

01:06:52 - Getting in Touch with Will

01:07:25 - Outro

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