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Michael Wong of Mizko on Designership, Being a Serial Entrepreneur & a Thriving Introvert

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In this episode, we're joined by Michael Wong, the founder of Mizko Media and The Designership.

With a platform of over 100K on YouTube, Michael shares with us how he built a large and engaged following on YouTube and social media and emphasises the importance of learning 'soft skills' as a natural introvert and balancing trial and error with striving for perfection. Michael also shares his insights on the perfect business model from his extensive experience in the tech industry and how he started 'The Designership' to help businesses grow.


00:00 - Intro 

01:00 - Shaolin Monk Career Goals

02:07 - Michael’s Upbringing + Moving to Lane Cove

05:13 - Navigating Through School + University

07:01 - Michael’s iPod & Canteen Line Side Hustle

11:25 - Dabbling in Design & Running Forums

15:41 - Transitioning from Forums to Web Development

19:32 - Learning Coding, Affiliate Marketing & Getting into the Industry

25:41 - Working For Freelancer.com & Clients

30:00 - Learning ‘Soft Skills’ as a Natural Introvert + Michael’s Mentors

33:41 - Overcoming Childhood Stutter & ‘Game-ifying’ Tutoring & Never Being ‘The Chosen One’

39:25 - Starting Up Mizko Media & Building Up a Client Base

44:01 - The Hardest Parts of Running a Business, Transitioning to YouTube

51:04 - Trial & Error Vs Striving for Perfection

53:20 - The Key to Building an Audience on YouTube

58:06 - Starting Up ‘The Designership’ & the Perfect Business Model

01:02:07 - Michael’s Plans for the Future

01:06:17 - Unlearning to ‘Restart’ as Asian-Australians

01:07:09 - Michael’s Advice for Budding Creators

01:12:11 - Outro

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