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Karen Loon – Fostering Asian Australian Leadership, Singapore vs. Australia & Family Dynamics in the Workplace

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In this episode of the Level Asian Podcast, we’re joined by Karen Loon, a former senior Big 4 partner, diversity practitioner and author of "Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations."

We’re discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, how family dynamics influence the way you navigate work culture, and we also explore the role of mentorship for the younger generation.


0:00 - Intro

01:00 - A Background Look into ‘Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations’

03:21 - The Public Reactions to Published Book & Karen’s Further Findings

05:34 - Karen’s Unconventional Upbringing, Family & Her Experience Being 4th Generation

10:23 - The Start of Karen’s Career Journey & Milestones

14:23 - Working in Diversity Leadership Roles & It’s Focus Now Compared to 8 Years Ago, Working as an Accountant & Karen’s Other Passions & Dreams

18:16 - The Pathway That Led Karen to Write Her Book

20:54 - Karen’s Experience Navigating the Corporate World in Australia Vs. Singapore

24:23 - How Family Situations Influence the Way You Carry Yourself in the Workplace

29:27 - The Toolkit Young Asian-Australians Need When Navigating Themselves Into the Workplace

32:28 - Why We’re Wired to Choosing Workplaces Based On Family Dynamics & The Importance of Having Nurturing Relationships with Colleagues & Staff

39:15 - Karen’s Advice for Company Leaders Wanting to Focus on Diversity, Supporting Staff Members & Fostering Sponsorships

44:39 - Exploring Mentoring & Sponsorships

47:42 - Karen’s Hopes for the Future of Diversity & Inclusion Within the Workplace

53:24 - Karen’s Advice for Young Listeners Wanting to Change Careers

59:36 - Karen’s Plans for The Future & Parting Words

01:02:10 - Outro

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