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Alex Solo & Tomoyuki Hachigo, Co-Founders of Sprintlaw on Disrupting the Legal Industry

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We're joined by Alex and Tomo, the founders of Sprintlaw, a new-age law firm in Australia.

In this episode, we chat with Alex and Tomo about their unique backgrounds, the formation of Sprintlaw, and their experiences working in the legal industry.

We delve into the early days of Sprintlaw and how they leveraged technology to find clients instead of following the traditional law pathway. We also hear about the importance of maintaining a strong business relationship, the future goals for Sprintlaw, and their advice for aspiring lawyers.


00:00 - Intro

01:17 - Tomo & Alex’s Parent’s Reactions to Starting Up SprintLaw

05:07 - How Tomo & Alex Met and Their Love for Law

08:03 - Alex’s Backstory + Mixed Culture Upbringing

09:55 - Tomo’s Second-Gen Backstory & Sharing Mutuals with Alex

12:06 - Working at a Law Firm for the First Time

16:05 - The Beginning of Sprintlaw and the early days 

20:33 - Breaking the ‘Traditional Mould’ in the Law Industry, Racial profile in the Workforce. 

25:52 - Advantages & Disadvantages of being Asian

33:54 - Discovering Clients in an Unconventional Way

42:06 - Maintaining Alex’s & Tomo’s Business Relationship, Stereotypes & Views of a Young Lawfirm. 

49:27 - The Future & Goals of Sprintlaw 

01:01:30 - Advice for Future Aspirational Lawyers

01:10:46 - Outro

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