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Jessica Wong-Saunderson - Asian Females & The Corporate Ladder, Working Abroad & Sage Career Advice

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In this episode, we’re joined by Jessica Wong-Saunderson who has an extensive background in advising on cross-border mergers and acquisitions as a tax lawyer and accountant. She’s worked across Melbourne, Kolkata, New York and Sydney. 

Jessica is currently working as PwC’s Tax Director in Australia as well as being an advocate for greater gender and cultural diversity in Australian business leadership. She is also involved in leading the engagement of the alumni community at the Australia-China Youth Dialogue, to engage mid-careers professionals engaged in the Australia China bilateral relationship. 

Amongst all things, Jessica is also the Co-founder of MumbleMe, a platform that connects professionally skilled working mums with flexible work opportunities as well as a Board Member for OIC Australia, a charity that supports the establishment of a speech therapy ecosystem for children with communication impediments in Cambodia.


00:00 - Intro

01:51 - ‘Hidden Gems’ Podcast

04:16 - Jess’ ‘Migrant Kid’ Experience

18:43 - Workplace Culture Shock & Grad Stories

23:57 - Working in ‘The Big Four’ & Travelling to India

30:41 - The Grad Experience & Jess’s Advice for Current Graduates

42:06 - Working with the Australia-China Youth Dialogue

47:25 - Jess’ Flexible Work Platform for New Mothers

57:15 - Climbing the Corporate Ladder as an Asian Female

59:42 - Why Some Asian Women Don’t Voice Their Opinion

1:07:55 - Corporate Sponsorships for Asian-Australians

01:17:09 - Outro

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