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SOLO EPISODE – Marriage Traditions, Family Life, Parenting Styles & Relationships

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In this solo episode, we’re unpacking our own perspectives and experiences around relationships, marriage and starting our own families. 

We discuss the expectations of Asian traditions we should be upholding, conflicts around being in mixed-race relationships, Asian masculinity and the differences between Eastern and Western beauty standards. 

You’ll also enjoy our deep dive into discussions around starting our own families, with Kan’s baby on the way, Davie thinking about starting one and Noel & Viv against having kids.


00:00 - Intro 

02:23 - Davie’s Wedding

04:03 - What is the Purpose of Weddings?

10:23 - ‘First Dances’, Wedding Cakes, & Destination Weddings

20:55 - The Expectation of Getting Married & Marrying into Another Family

27:50 - Confinement, Western Vs Eastern Marriage Philosophies

36:14 - Is It Ethical to Have Kids in Today’s Society?

40:30 - Asian Parents Using Their Children as a ‘Badge of Honour’

46:11 - Why ‘Caucasian Males’ Are Preferred Over Asian Males

51:11 - Mixed-Race Relationships & Asian Masculinity

58:29 - Beauty Standards in Different Asian Countries

01:01:27 - Asian Masculinity in Films

01:04:00 - Outro

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