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Unpacking the Struggles Of Building Wealth TODAY & Gen-Z vs. Millennial vs. Boomer Mindset ft. Salena Kulkarni

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Before we dive into this episode, check out Salena Kulkani's first episode on our podcast-it sets the perfect stage for what's to come!

Not only is Salena familiar face, but also a wealth strategist of Inkosi Wealth and certified property investment adviser who has helped 100’s of investors achieve financial freedom faster in preparation for early retirement.

In this episode, Salena talks about the motivation behind Asian migrants' drive for wealth, how buying any piece of real estate early can serve as your insurance policy, and how her three-phase wealth-building strategy works.

Salena also discusses the risks of drawing on equity, highlights offshore real estate opportunities, and shares stories of individuals buying property on modest incomes.


00:00 - Intro

01:40 - Migrant Trauma Surrounding Money

05:20 - Younger Generations Challenging The Relationship with Money

07:31 - Generational Challenges to Homeownership & Salena’s Journey to Buying Her First Home

13:54 - Expectations of the First Home You Purchase

17:42 - Property as an Insurance Policy

18:36 - Breaking the Mindset to Purchase a Home and Get Out of the Rental Ladder

21:59 - Salena’s Advice to Younger People in Navigating Cost of Living Challenges

27:32 - Gen Z’s Economic Reality

31:42 - Investing in Shares vs. Property in Terms of Building Wealth

35:36 - Investing with Purpose & Salena’s Wealth Building Strategy

37:31 - Different Strategies of Property Investment

43:54 - Learnings from Salena’s Investment Journey

47:48 - Learnings from Migrant Client’s Investment Journey

48:27 - The Long Game of Property Wealth Building

55:05 - Eating the Cow vs. Milking the Cow

56:56 - Summarising Salena’s Investment Philosophies

59:39 - Salena’s Advice to Younger People

01:01:12 - Viv’s Investment Journey & Recognising Her Generation’s Investment Challenges

01:02:53 - Concluding Thoughts

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