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The Wave of Young Leadership in Politics, The REAL Reason To Get Into Politics & The Unglamorous Side to Being an MP ft. Sally Sitou

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we’re joined by Sally Sitou, a Labor Party Member for the Division of Reid as of the 2022 Australian federal election.

Sally talks to us about her journey of getting into politics, how her parents’ migrant story and the community support have influenced her political work and shares what it’s been like navigating the limelight of being an MP.

Sally also offers advice and wisdom for the younger generation seeking to be heard by people in the political space and guidance for those looking to get into politics. 


00:00 - Intro

01:00 - Defining Sally Sitou

04:45 - Getting Into Politics

11:25 - Helping Out With the Community

17:31 - Studying Psychology, Helping Out with ForeignAid

22:54 - Getting Back Into Politics

26:22 - How Community + Family Has Influenced Sally’s Work in Politics

29:30 - Feedback from Working with the Community

34:22 - Sally’s Unexpected Experiences Prior To Becoming MP, Vouching for Childcare Workers and Increasing the Minimum Wage for Childcare Workers

41:19 - Navigating the Limelight of Being MP

45:13 - The Political Clash Between the Older & Younger Generation 

49:06 - Sally’s Advice for the Younger Generation Who Are Seeking to Be Heard by Parliament/People in the Political Space

52:47 - Sally’s Advice For Those Looking to Get Into Politics

56:41 - Sally’s Stance on What is ‘Attainable’ Right Now

01:02:09 - Sally’s Pearls of Wisdom

01:04:32 - Outro

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