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Migration Journey From Zero to TikTok Stardom to a 50 Strong Law Firm ft. Traci Chen

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we're joined by Traci Chen, CEO and Principal Lawyer at Maison Chen Law Group, a law firm that specialises in Australian migration support and visa application courses.

Traci shares her parents' migration story and how it guided her journey from studying law to losing her corporate job and establishing her own firm with 50 employees.

She also talks about how she's grown hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, her personal life of getting married and getting pregnant, and how she wants to continue helping migrants achieve their Australian dream.


02:15 - Finding Traci’s Content Online.

03:16 - Integrating Content Creation Into Everyday Life, Getting Recognised By Followers.

05:28 - Growing Up In Adelaide, Traci’s Parents’ Migration Story.

07:10 - Studying Law, Starting Her Legal Career & Juggling Business Ventures Throughout

10:38 - Dealing With Losing Her Corporate Job

12:18 - How Traci Started Her Own Firm and The Market Conditions That Helped Business Growth

15:25 - Sharing Knowledge Through Content Creation, Leveraging Using Social Media For Marketing.

16:59 - Scaling Business, Early Recruitment Struggles And Investing In Staff.

21:55 - Dealing With Stress, Recognising Privileges.

24:19 - Not Having A Lot Growing Up.

24:57 - Figuring Out “How Much Is Enough” And “Where Do I Draw The Line” As A Business Owner.

28:00 - The Power Of Money To Empower Others, Accumulating Wealth For The Right Reasons.

29:31 - Changing Destinies And Making Dreams A Reality Through Immigration Business.

30:16 - Universality Of Traci’s Father’s Story Facing Racism And Hardship As A Migrant.

31:51 - Being Thankful For The Opportunities That Have Been Given And Using That Platform To Give Back.

33:22 - Unlearning Toxic Relationships With Money, Creating Platforms For Others.

37:33 - Expectations Of Getting Married, Wedding Planning.

41:22 - Weddings As a Once-In-A Lifetime Celebration Of Life, Family And Friends.

42:49 - Living Out The Australian Dream, Migrant Parents Not Daring To Dream The Reality Their Kids Have Achieved.

47:35 - What Is Traci Excited About For The Future

48:20 - Having Children As Business Owner, Balancing Parenthood While Having Kids.

52:10 - Having Children At Later Life Stages, Not Using Children As An Excuse To Not Follow Your Dreams

55:21 - The Privilege Of Being A 3rd Culture Kid.

57:18 - Contacting Traci & Maison Chen Law Group

57:38 - Outro

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