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Asian Adoptee, Asian Hardware, Australian Software, Why You Should Stop Sharing Your Kids’ Photos Online & The True Cost Of Success ft. Matt Purcell

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we’re joined by Matt Purcell, Australia’s leading personal branding expert and the founder of KYU Media, a creative agency based in Sydney, and Social Kung Fu, Australia’s only verbal self-defence program. 

Matt opens up about his experiences growing up as an adoptee and his valuable lessons in learning business from direct experiences and mentors. 

Matt also talks about his deeper purpose of giving back to the community through Social Kung Fu, especially the young generation, and shares his insights on parents' role in raising kids in the digital age and the consequences of children’s unconsented exposure to social media. 

Enjoy the episode!


0:00 - Intro

01:46 - Matt’s Adoption Story and Childhood and One’s Own Identity, Parents Divorce and How Music Helped Him Escape Through the Darkness

13:33 - What Does Success and ‘Enough’ Look Like for Matt?

20:53 - Sharing Matt’s Opportunities and His Knowhow of Business, Learning From Mentors

29:43 - Matt’s Gift on Giving Back to the Community and the Younger Gens; Creating Social Kungfu. 

34:44 - Pain Created a Purpose for Matt to Start Social Kungfu 

40:34 - Parents Role in Raising Kids in This Digital Age

46:21 - The Consequences of Kid’s Unconsensual Exposure on Social Media 

48:49 - Matt’s Mentors and the True Cost of Success 

55:28 - How to Say ‘No’ to Opportunities 

01:00:02 - Matt’s Plans for The Future

01:05:41 - Outro

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