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Lisa Nguyen of Astrid Dispensary, Australia’s First Female-Led Cannabinoid Dispensary and Her Wild Journey to Entrepreneurship Success

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we're joined by Lisa Nguyen, founder of Astrid, Australia's first multi-award-winning female led dispensary and specialty clinic for cannabinoid medicines, plant therapies, and nutraceuticals. 

Lisa shares her unique uni experience in Wagga Wagga and how it changed her perspective on life, shaped her values and the transition into her first cannabis sales role in Australia. 

Lisa also talks to us about how she built Astrid during the middle of a pandemic, the key challenges she faced along the way and why she encourages her team to embrace failures. 

Enjoy the episode! 


00:00 - 01:20: Intro

01:20 - 13:37: Lisa’s Parents' Journey from Vietnam to Australia

13:37 - 20:23:  Lisa’s Career Path Into Pharmacy (and how her mum applied to university on Lisa’s behalf) 

20:23 - 27:20: University Life in Wagga Wagga

27:20: 41:30: Getting A Role As The First Cannabis Sales Person in Australia

41:45 - 49:40: First Opening of Astrid in the Middle of Melbourne’s Pandemic 

49:40 - 1:00:49 : Lisa’s Philosophy of Living for Oneself, Embracing Failure, and Building Resilience from Life Experiences 

1:05:29: Creating Future Leaders through Astrid and Building A Legacy

01:14:21:  Outro

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