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Lessons We Learnt in Our 20s, Lessons Building Our Businesses & Lessons in Life (Part 1)

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Today, we've got a special episode where we dive deep into the lives of Kan, Davie, and Noel - the brains behind Social Wave, Box Advisory Services, and your favourite podcast Level: Asian!

The boys walk down memory lane as they share their personal experiences leading up to their entrepreneurial endeavours, including childhood ambitions, student lives, and early career ventures.

Kan, Davie, and Noel also emphasise the importance of building a strong team culture, their biggest challenges and lessons in business, and strategies for catalysing the growth of Social Wave and Box Advisory Services. 

Enjoy the episode, and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2.


00:00 - Intro

02:09 - Davie’s Life Pre-BOXAS

14:38 - Kan’s Experience Working in Hospitality, Travelling Around the World..

25:00 - Noel’s Life as a Production Designer

30:51 - How did BOXAS & Social Wave Start?

41:13 - Building Up Social Wave’s Client Portfolio

46:38 - What Did Kan, Davie & Noel Want to Be Growing Up?

50:32 - Being ‘Crazy’ Enough to Pursue Your Dreams, The Boys’ Identities Outside of Being Business Owners

58:46 - What Does Being a Business Owner Mean to the Boys Now?

01:05:35 - Building a Strong Team Culture

01:12:08 - The Key Challenges & Lessons of Running Your Own Business

01:23:08 - How Did The Boys ACTUALLY Grow Their Businesses?

01:41:43 - Outro

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