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Solo Episode - The Challenges of Moving Out as an Asian aka Leaving the Nest

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In this episode, we're talking to each other about ‘Leaving The Nest’, aka the big steps of moving out. You'll hear from our own experiences and thoughts on moving out, from the pros and cons to dealing with the idea of aging parents. 

You’ll hear about Noel’s extended Italian family, Davie’s throwbacks to his granny-flat parties, Kan’s stories of having challenging roommates and Kelsey’s experience balancing mixed-parent dynamics with ethnic vs. non-ethnic perspectives.


00:00 - Intro

02:38 - Who Moved Out First? + Moving Out Stories

10:48 - The Pros & Cons Of Moving Out, Kan’s Roommates, Noel’s Extended Italian Family & Living in ‘Limbo’

24:22 - Moving Out at 30 & Davie’s Granny-Flat Parties

26:30 - The Mental Health Benefits of Moving Out & Having a Deep Empathy for Our Parents

37:49 - Kelsey’s Mixed Parents, Having a ‘Business Plan’ to Move Out as a Female & The Asian Kid Dream

46:20 - Navigating Around the Concept of Your Parents Getting Older, Ethnic Vs Caucasian Experience When It Comes to Moving Out 

57:07 - Advice for Those Wanting to Move Out

01:01:48 - Outro

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