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Emily Ung of The Artistry – 22 & Beauty Salon Entrepreneur + Launching a Business During a Pandemic

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We’re joined by Emily Ung - founder and owner of The Artistry Sydney, a luxury beauty bar in the Hills District. 

In this episode, we speak to Emily about her passion for beauty, which started when she became a makeup artist at 16 and now, at 22, has opened her own luxury beauty salon in Castle Hill.

Emily talks about her business experience as an Asian female in the industry and the importance of having a strong support network – in this case, her family of entrepreneurs who helped lift her up.


00:00 - Intro

00:51 - Emily’s Upbringing

03:07 - Emily’s Beginnings in Beauty

04:50 - How Emily Established Her Client Base

07:03 - Finding Inspiration in Her Family

15:27 - Emily’s Social Circle

17:09 - The Artistry Sydney’s Brow & Lash Training Course

19:42 - Business Experiences as an Asian Woman

23:38 - The Artistry Sydney Team

25:48 - Acquiring Leadership & Management Skills

27:27 - Starting the Business During COVID

34:34 - Emily’s Plans for the Future

35:35 - The Struggles of Building “The Artistry Sydney”

38:24 - The Success Behind  The Artistry Sydney

41:40 - Emily’s Advice for The Younger Gen Who Want to Pursue a Career in Beauty

43:21 - Outro

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