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Dating Apps SUCK, Dealing with ‘Situationships’ & Mental Health in Adult Relationships ft. Brenda Van

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we’re joined by Brenda Van, Founder of 'Dating Apps Suck', an offline dating event that brings like-minded people together in person.

Brenda shares her thoughts on the modern dating scene, why it motivated her to start ‘Dating Apps Suck’, and shares the success of hosting “Dating Apps Suck” events across Sydney and Melbourne. 

Brenda also opens up to us about her struggles with mental health & how it ties in with adult relationships, along with her recommendation on finding the right therapist.


00:00 - Intro

01:44 - Brenda’s Experience Growing Up in Melbourne, Being a ‘Serial Side Hustler’,

07:28 - The Definition of ‘Situationship’ & Why Brenda Doesn’t Like Dating Apps

11:48 - How ‘Dating Apps Suck’ Came About

16:39 - Hosting the First “Dating Apps Suck” Event & How it Works

19:36 - Finessing the “Dating Apps Suck” Format, Feedback & What You Can Expect

22:23 - Brenda’s Insights from the “Dating Apps Suck” Event

26:39 - The Core Reason Why Brenda Created “Dating Apps Suck”

29:07 - The Most INTERESTING Pairing Brenda’s Seen, Juggling Factors of Race, Religion & Age in the DAS Events & Further Insights

34:55 - How to Maximise Your ‘Success’ in the “Dating Apps Suck” Events

38:18 - Brenda’s Experience with Mental Health & How it Ties in With Adult Relationships

46:06 - Brenda’s Advice on Finding the Right Therapist 

49:09 - Going Full-Time with “Dating Apps Suck” & What Brenda’s Parents Think About It

57:13 - Brenda’s Pearls of Wisdom for the Younger Generation

57:37 - Outro

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