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Convict to ConFit, The Journey From Crime Syndicates to Social Enterprise, Mentorship & Breaking Stigmas ft. Joe Kwon

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we're joined by Joe Kwon, CEO and Founder of ConFit and ConFit Pathways, a social enterprise and NFPO dedicated to fostering a sense of self-worth among inmates to help them successfully reintegrate into society.

Joe candidly shares his journey from mingling with the wrong crowd during his youth, to leading a criminal syndicate by age 21, and serving 13 years in prison.

He also talks about how he met his billionaire father figure who greatly impacted his life, the creation and success of ConFit and Confit Pathways, and shares his thoughts on reevaluating societal biases against former detainees.


00:00 - Intro

02:31 - Joe’s Childhood Upbringing, Becoming an Australian Citizen at 9 Years Old

06:29 - Getting Involved with the Wrong Crowd, Witnessing a Murder, and Selling P*rno Magazines at School

10:44 - The Reason Behind Joe’s Decision to Join a Gang and His Experience Running a Criminal Syndicate + Getting Arrested

17:21 - Joe’s Perception of Society After Coming Out of Jail

18:11 - Joe’s 9 Years In Prison

20:01 - Shifting Your Mindset and The Value of Having the Right Mentor

32:25 - Joe’s Learnings Around Self-Worth and His Billionaire Father Figure

40:20 - Getting Accepted Into University, The Birth of Confit Fitness, and Natalie Oh’s Involvement with the Business

42:34 - The Impact of Confit Fitness and Confit Pathways and The Challenges In Scaling Both Businesses

47:08 - Breaking The Stigma Around People Who Go To Prison, Prison System in Scandinavia vs. Australia, The Toxic Relationship Between Staff and Inmates

01:01:23 - Is it Possible for NSW to Have a Prison System Like Scandinavia?

01:03:01 - Joe’s Relationship With His Mother During and After Prison

01:06:48 - Opening Up Confit Fitness in Parramatta

01:12:44- Joe’s Parting Wisdom to the Younger Generation

01:15:22 - Outro

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