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Claudia Li - From Pushing Pens at 10 to a 6-Figure Coaching Business at 23

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In this episode, Claudia Li shares how she went from working as a personal trainer and yoga instructor to becoming a 6-figure business coaching company in less than a year (during a pandemic), all at the mind-blowingly tender age of 23.

Claudia has always been a pure-bred entrepreneur, known for selling pens and stationery in primary school to hustling hundreds of dollars of frozen yoghurt orders for her entire high school at 13.

She candidly opens up about her experiences growing her business so quickly during the pandemic, how much money she’s invested in coaching & courses for herself, and the return on these investments. Claudia also opens up about her relationship with money, her parents and where her drive to make money comes from. 

We also get some advice from Claudia on how she deals with burnout culture and why it’s important to invest in yourself. 


00:00 - Intro

01:48 - Claudia’s Backstory

07:05 - The “Aha!” Moment

13:19 - From The Fitness Industry to Business Coach

18:33 - Getting the Confidence to Sell

23:17 - The Numbers

25:50 - Growing the Business

27:11 - Claudia’s Relationship with Money

29:31 - Authentic Asian Food & Service

30:47 - Claudia’s Frozen Yoghurt Story

32:42 - Claudia’s Relationship with her Parents

38:37 - Claudia’s Social Circle

41:32 - Where Claudia Gets her Drive to Make Money

43:21 - Burnout Is Part of the Wealth Game

45:07 - How Much Claudia Spends Annually

48:52 - Claudia’s Business Studies Story

51:52 - Why You Should Invest in Yourself

55:08 - Claudia’s Advice for Asian-Australia Gen Z 

1:00:49 - Outro

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