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Carrie Kwan of Mums & Co on Juggling Motherhood & Business, Challenges for Asian-Australian Women & Her Relationship w her Father

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In this episode of the Level: Asian Podcast, we're joined by Carrie Kwan, co-founder of Mums & Co

We chat to Carrie about balancing parenthood and work life for Asian-Australian women. Carrie shares her personal story and experiences, including her entrepreneurial journey and the growth of Mums & Co.

She also addresses the challenges faced by women and offers other mums and aspiring business women advice.


00:00 - Intro 

01:26 - Why Carrie Created ‘Mums & Co’

06:35 - Finding a Balance Between Career & Parenthood

12:21 - Carrie’s Experience Being a Mother & a Businessowner

15:51 - Carrie’s Family & Upbringing

19:34 - Carrie’s ‘Tiger Mum’, White Boyfriend from ‘the Shire’ & Being a Minority

25:03 - Dealing with Negative Experiences as an Asian Australian, Carrie’s Conflict with her Dad

32:39 - Carrie on Healing her Relationship with Her Dad, Living in the UK & Eldest-Youngest Sibling Statuses

41:20 - Carrie’s Life Mentors & Entrepreneurial Streak

50:23 - How Mums & Co Started + Supporting the Next Generation of Asian Australians

53:27 - Boot-Strapped Vs Corporate Backed: What Does Carrie Prefer?

59:33 - The Growth & Milestones of Mums & Co

01:04:30 - Carrie’s Plans for the Future

01:07:05 - Challenges for Asian-Australian Women + Mothers Juggling Parenthood & Worklife

01:16:30 - Legacy - Leaving Something Behind for Your Children

01:20:01 - Carrie’s Advice For Asian-Australian Women

01:22:20 -Outro

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