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Amit Tewari of Soul Burger - Leaving Med School & The Insanity of Building a Plant-Based Restaurant Empire

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we’re joined by Amit Tewari, founder of Soul Burger, plant-based entrepreneur, and former medical doctor.

Amit shares his challenges with parental expectations of becoming a doctor, how he juggled medical school AND running his own restaurant, and his journey of moving Soul Burger into the plant-based space.

He also shares his vision for the next 5+ years with how he’s changing up the vegan food space and offers some advice for future restauranteurs.


00:00 - Intro

01:19 - Reminiscing the High School Days, Amit’s Childhood Stories & Family Life

06:50 - Dealing with the Parental Expectations of Becoming a Doctor

09:16 - Amit’s Experiences Juggling Medical School & Running a Restaurant

15:44 - How Amit Kickstarted his First Restaurant + Navigating Through the First Few Years of Operation

25:21 - Moving Soul Burger into the Plant-Based Space & How He Kept it Running for So Long

32:46 - Innovating Soul Burger’s Menu, The Influence Behind Going Plant-Based & Dealing with Supply-Chain Issues

41:28 - Soul Burger’s Turning Point

44:59 - Having Multi-Locations for Soul Burger
48:47 - Experimenting with Lab-Grown Meat

55:08 - Amit’s Idea Around ‘Ghost Kitchens’ + Vegan Food Hub

01:06:40 - Amit’s Vision for the Next 5+ Years

01:08:45 - Amit’s Advice For Future Restauranteurs

01:13:06 -  Outro

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