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The Unglamorous Side of Running a Furniture Business, Mastering Introverted Leadership & Building an Award-Winning Brand ft. Amanda & Ken of EVA

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In this episode of the Level Asian podcast, we’re joined by Amanda and Ken, the founders of EVA, Australia's award-winning, certified B Corp furniture brand. 

Amanda and Ken share their journey from how they founded EVA, the evolution of the brand, and highlight company milestones and successes, along with the challenges they’ve faced during their journey. 

We also talk to Amanda and Ken about introverted leadership in business, their advice for those wanting to enter the e-commerce space and EVA’s plans for the future.

Enjoy the episode!


00:00 - Intro

01:57 - The EVA Production Process

05:34 - Ken’s Childhood Experiences, Moving to Australia at 15 Years Old, Starting an eBay Business, Racism Experiences

14:00 - Amanda’s Experience Growing Up in New Zealand, Not Doing Homework until Year 6, and Studying Psychology

14:54 - How Ken & Amanda Met

16:34 - Winding Up Ken’s eBay Businesses

17:39 - Ken & His Dad’s Trip to China + Manufacturing Game Plan

21:59 - Building the EVA Brand + the Company’s Milestones
26:44 - The EVA Customer Experience, Being Thoughtful as a Brand

32:20 - The Influence of Amanda & Ken’s Uni Degrees on the EVA Brand, EVA’s Business Growth Stats

35:21 - Furniture Businesses: Building to Sell Vs. Legacy & Long-Term Play

39:48 - EVA Sales & Marketing, EVA’s Wins & Losses,

42:43 - The Story Behind EVA’s Everyday Sofa & Its Launch

52:07 - Introverted Leadership & Navigating That in Business

58:52 - Amanda & Ken’s Advice for Those Wanting to Go into the eCommerce Space

01:01:41 - EVA’s Plans for the Future

01:02:55 - Outro

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